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Simplicity Bereavement funeral homes are family owned and operated by the Murray family. The Murray family are 4th generation funeral directors and have operated funeral homes throughout New Zealand for over 50 years, starting in Auckland in the 1970s with Tom Murray.


Tom Murray was the first Māori to enter the funeral industry and own and operate a funeral home in New Zealand, as a descendant of Ngāti Kuri Iwi, who is the kaitiaki of Te Rerenga Wairua (the leaping place of spirits) at Cape Reinga. Tom always felt a calling to care for tupapaku, as he would often say to his whānau, “We were born to do this, as kaitiaki tupapaku runs deep in our veins.”

Tom began his industry training with one of the largest funeral homes, J Weir & Sons, in Ponsonby, Auckland. Tom’s role was to collect money for funeral accounts from the Māori and Pacifica families that the company had cared for, and he saw the effects of high funeral costs and its impacts on those families. With a desire to help his community, Tom started Murray & Shepherd, funeral directors South Auckland in Otahuhu, as he knew there was a better way for families to access funeral services without excessive debt, while still providing high-quality funeral services.

Over the last 50 years, Tom and his whānau have collaborated in working alongside community groups, Tainui Iwi, Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi and many other grassroots collectives in providing their members high-quality funeral services at a reduced cost.

We take immense pride in our rich heritage, cherishing the customs and traditions passed down through generations. Our cultural legacy shapes our identity and instils a sense of belonging in us. We approach the responsibility of caring for our families with unwavering passion, and an enduring commitment to honour our heritage and safeguard the well-being of our families, fostering a legacy that will endure for years to come.


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We have a dedicated team with established funeral experience, who have a broad range of life experiences and skills which complement their approachable and helpful manner. With a family focus and a belief in providing a family experience, with an excellent level of care within our funeral homes, we believe we have something special.

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