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Simplicity Bereavement Services

Simplicity Bereavement funeral homes are owned and operated by the Murray family. The Murray family are 4th generation funeral directors and have been involved in the funeral industry for over 50 years starting in Auckland in the 1970’s.

Simplicity is owned by the Murray family, which has operated funeral homes throughout New Zealand for over 50 years. We have provided funeral services in Hawkes Bay since 2013. We are proud of our heritage and are passionate about the responsibility we have of caring for our families.

We understand planning a funeral is not a priority for most, but forward-thinking can significantly impact a family when funeral services are required. We believe that families come to us because our family values are reflected in the dignified services we provide. We have had many opportunities to help bereaved families create memorable celebrations and memorials. Helping families celebrate the lives of their loved ones has given us an opportunity to acknowledge the close community ties that New Zealanders share.

Qualified, knowledgeable and well-experienced, we’re here to assist and guide our families.

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We have a dedicated team with established funeral experience, who have a broad range of life experiences and skills which complement their approachable and helpful manner. With a family focus and a belief in providing a family experience, with an excellent level of care within our funeral homes, we believe we have something special.

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