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Simplicity Bereavement funeral homes are owned and operated by the Murray family. The Murray family are 4th generation funeral directors and have been involved in the funeral industry for over 40 years starting in Auckland in the 1970’s.

Simplicity was established in 2000 by Tom & Lesley Murray, serving the Waikato community for over 16 years and the Hawkes Bay community since 2013. We are proud of our heritage and are passionate about the responsibility we have of caring for our families. We believe that families come to us because our family values are reflected in the dignified services we provide. We have had many opportunities to help bereaved families create memorable celebrations and memorials to their loved ones. Helping families celebrate the lives of their loved ones has given us an opportunity to acknowledge the close community ties that New Zealanders share.



For families wanting to ensure peace of mind for themselves and loved ones knowing that funeral services and expenses have been arranged for prior to the event, this is an excellent option. Pre-planning reduces added anxiety to an already grieve stricken family and removes doubt as too the intention of the deceased person wishes. Although most families pre-plan funerals to alleviate their loved ones of the financial burden left with funerals (the financial savings can be significant) there are families that are interested in creating scaled events to memorialize themselves or family members.

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    We can assist you with this with our extensive list of suppliers and contacts for event planning. If you are interested in funeral pre-planning here are some options to consider:
    • Decide on the type of service and set a budget. (For future-proofing, expect to add 2-4% per year to your expected budget for inflation).
    • Get quotes from several funeral homes in your area to get a comparison of services and pricing.
    • When signing up for insurance make sure you have enough coverage for all of your needs and at least 25% more for unforeseen expenses (catering, service sheets, unusual requests).
    • If future planning, consider a savings account with an automatic payment system so you get the full benefits of your own money.
    • Negotiate with the funeral director and third party suppliers when you are able too.

    Check out our funeral pre-planning funeral guide and other helpful resources. For assistance with your funeral or event, contact us.

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