A Journey of Compassion: The Silent Song of an Embalmer

I give strength to those who are full of grief,

And honour those now fast asleep. 

Long-term, short-term, maybe sudden,

I arrive soon after the click of a button. 

No whānau there, or maybe an Iwi,

I provide aroha to those that greet me. 

I wait until the families pray,

“I’ll take care of them now”, I may say. 

Watching through the rearview mirror,

I see the whānau begin to quiver. 

Driving through the midst of night,

I sing a song to begin their flight 

Back in the morgue, ill chant a prayer 

Hoping to get them safely there,

I close their eyes and set the features 

Start embalming and turn up the speakers.

“It was nice to meet you”, I greet the dead 

This is where my life’s journey has led.

Poem Composed by Siobhan Wilson – Funeral Director & Embalmer ©